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Inner Glow 2 hours 30 mins $300

Restore your skin with our signature Sensaura facial followed by a relaxing therapeutic massage. You will feel good from the inside out after this treatment.


Body Revival 2 hours 15 mins $300

Scrub away dead skin with an essential oil blended body scrub, then relax with a therapeutic massage. A great treatment to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Sensaura Body Workout 2 hours 30 mins $330

Begin with a dry exfoliation to promote circulation and remove dead skin cells. A mud mask enriched with essential oils and purifying clay is then applied to draw out impurities.

Refreshing Ritual 2 hours 30 mins $250

Make this package truly your own by choosing your own ratio of massage to treatments. Begin with a firm but relaxing body massage to ease away tension and de-stress the body.